NPI & EMS / Contract Manufacturing Services / PCB Turnkey Solutions

With the proven experience and expertise in the PCB Industry, Shri Sai Green Technologies is a pioneer in the EMS/Contract Manufacturing Services. The ability of excellent engineering analysis coupled with NPI solutions offers our customers a seamless transition from Concept to Complete product. Our Product Performance PCBs and Expert Engineering Analysis enable our customers to enhance their core business. Our Core Values ....Exceptional Quality, Reduced time to Market, Cost Based PCBs, Product based PCBs, Working methodology, Reliability attract many worldwide customers.

Our NPI & Product Engineering process enables us to align development efforts with customer requirements.

Since our NPI Solutions and PCB Turnkey Solutions are based on end product performance our customers can plan and decide the cost and requirements of PCBs well ahead of volume production through Quick Turnaround Prototypes.

Our Cross functional team works with design, process, FAB, assembly and sourcing activities to create a seamless transition of new products & design prototypes into cost efficient & volume production.

PCB Design

Our experience in Engineering and integrated approach delivers Exceptional PCBs. With complex, high speed and high layer count design capabilities, our Expert Design Analysis based on Materials, stack-up, Cost and End product are the major advantages that our customers can benefit.


Our customers can benefit through our intelligent sourcing of suppliers based on board complexity and their requirements. Our cross functional analysis enables us to do right material selection and facilitating assembly through cost efficient manufacturing methods.

  • Beneficial to customer on cost.
  • Prototype and Volume Production.

PCB Components

Component selection based on end usage applications.

  • World wide Sourcing.
  • Costing analysis.

PCB Assembly

  • low volume-high mix services to customers with specialize production needs.
  • 0201 chip components, fine pitch QFP, QFN, LGA and micro BGA.
  • Prototype and Volume assembly services.